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Posted by galumph79 on 2005.07.09 at 08:47

Urban Uprising is open on Tuesday nights now! THey still close early on Wed. and are closed during the day for the rest of the summer. There's some good routes up right now tho!


michika at 2005-07-09 14:52 (UTC) (Link)
I was just reading that yesterday morning!

I'm in the PAC 183 class (for bonus credit) MWF mornings 8-10a. There are alot of routes that are looking really great so far.

Any recommendations?
galumph79 at 2005-07-10 03:41 (UTC) (Link)
Nice! How's the class going? Are you learning a lot of technique?

I'm really enjoying all the white & red routes that were just put up. I also really like the green route that's on the woodie - it's the first route I've been able to complete on the woodie.

Have you tried the orange taped top rope route (across from the chin up bars)?
michika at 2005-07-10 05:22 (UTC) (Link)
The class is *really* slow, and I'm not improving on my technique or learning anything. Its actually quite frustrating; I was told when I inquired about the class in relation to my current skill level that it, the class, would be taught on a personal improvement basis.

Frankly I'm disapointed in the class since all I seem to be doing is helping others out rather then working on my own skills. Although I am climbing even if I am not improving, I am still climbing and not futher loosing any existing skills!

I will try the red & white Monday, and that green one as well. They sound really good!

No, I haven't had a chance; everytime I try to do something on my own that isn't something boring and basic like matching I get called over for him to "evaluate" my skills.
galumph79 at 2005-07-12 01:55 (UTC) (Link)
That's too bad! I keep thinking about taking a private lesson - just to learn some new things. I haven't gotten around to it since I'm not sure how beneficial it will be.

How'd the routes go today? I just got back from the gym - it's crazy busy tonight :-( Another one that's fun (that I finally got today) is the red with white tags on the little mini cave area of the back wall.

Let me know how things go.
michika at 2005-07-12 06:07 (UTC) (Link)
I've taken a private lesson before; with someone by the name of Rachal P (I don't think she works for UU anymore though). She was a really wonderful teacher; went through moves with me and then showed me how to apply them in some basic situations, how to correct myself and learn how to catch myself before I started bad habits. She was also really thourough in that she explained why things were done how they were, and how she felt they benefited her as a climber as well.

I think its luck of the draw when it comes to teachers, private courses are definatly worth it though if you can get a good teacher. They are quite expensive though, so if you do decide to go, go prepared.
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