Climbing Courses at U.U.

I noticed lately that Urban Uprising is hosting a course for level 1 Climbing instructors. I believe the cost is $295 and runs August 26th in the evening and then all day the 27th and 28th. As per the flyer, call Urban Uprising (492.2767) for registration information.

As I recall level 1 is a required pre-requesit for working at climbing walls. Most places tend to teach it though to their new recruits.
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Urban Uprising is open on Tuesday nights now! THey still close early on Wed. and are closed during the day for the rest of the summer. There's some good routes up right now tho!

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Hey, how are you guys faring with the new routes from the competition? I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that all the routes I'm working on are blue :0) for some reason both 2 and 3 were really i finally got 2 with no problems, and figured out the trick for 3 (with a little help) I tried 10 and 12 just for fun - I can only do a couple of moves (ok one) on each but I love having a tough challenge like that to work on. I also tried the dynamo route (I didn't get a chance at the competition) and it's pretty fun (what I could do) I really think I need to add a third climbing day each week so that I can get stronger. I'm hoping to head to Vertically Inclined on is so busy right now, but climbing just clears my head so well!

Hope you guys are doing well :0)
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The Dyna-Mo

So, did anyone go to the comp last night?

I went, It was awesome! I cant wait until I get to work on some of the problems that I didn't finish next week. There were 50 people there, which is the largest turnout that they have had. I didn't do as well as I hoped, mostly because I tried to finish the first 7 easy problems as fast as I could and I wore myself out really fast. Oh well, better luck next time. It was a lot of fun and everyone was really nice and helpful, I am definetly inspired to push myself even harder after that.
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Climbing Competition


Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a competition at Urban Uprising on Friday March 18th

registration is from 6-7 pm

climbing from 7-10

cost is $12

Should be fun!

There will be all new bouldering problems set up for it, and any level of climber is welcome. There will also be a place set up for people to watch, so bring your friends! Hope to see you all there!
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Hey Edmonton climbers...

I just joined this community. I'm a grad student and I climb at the U. I've been working on the problem on the overhang wall, with the orange tape. I think it's the easiest one on the wall, but the only one I can attempt, and I've almost got it. Anyways, this is what I posted to my LJ about it....This route is truly my nemesis...Travis has named it the finger-ripper. I can now touch the last hold...if only I could grab it! It's a pocket, and I can ALMOST get my fingers into it. Ahhh - soon I'll be able to do it. I am completely obsessed with it though, and spent most of my climbing time today working on the problem. Some good results: I'm getting stronger, and more confident about being up higher - and this has transferred even to other problems that don't have the gigantic crash pad underneath. Yay! Today was a good exercise day, I also went for a run this morning which was GRRRRReat! Now I am just home from getting T. at work - we had to stop for some groceries for supper and he is now making us delicious sandwhiches...and chips with chocolate milk - not winning any prizes for healthiness, that's for sure!

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I have noticed that there seems to be a trend in taping all of the climbing/bouldering routes in the gyms here. It is extremly confusing to me. I can never tell what climb I am on, or how difficult it is. In Ontario we used the colour coding system (one climb would have all yellow holds, the other all blue) so it was easy to tell what was on your climb and what wasn't. I am still a bit overwhelmed when I look at a wall full of tape. I have to stare at the wall for a while before I can figure out where a route goes, and how difficult it is.

I guess the trick is to just go climb outdoors, which would be no problem in Ontario (I could use my dad's gear) but here all I have is my harness, shoes, chalkbag and belay device. Oh well, I guess for now I will just have to figure out this crazy mess of tape.
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