galumph79 (galumph79) wrote in climb_edmonton,

Hey Edmonton climbers...

I just joined this community. I'm a grad student and I climb at the U. I've been working on the problem on the overhang wall, with the orange tape. I think it's the easiest one on the wall, but the only one I can attempt, and I've almost got it. Anyways, this is what I posted to my LJ about it....This route is truly my nemesis...Travis has named it the finger-ripper. I can now touch the last hold...if only I could grab it! It's a pocket, and I can ALMOST get my fingers into it. Ahhh - soon I'll be able to do it. I am completely obsessed with it though, and spent most of my climbing time today working on the problem. Some good results: I'm getting stronger, and more confident about being up higher - and this has transferred even to other problems that don't have the gigantic crash pad underneath. Yay! Today was a good exercise day, I also went for a run this morning which was GRRRRReat! Now I am just home from getting T. at work - we had to stop for some groceries for supper and he is now making us delicious sandwhiches...and chips with chocolate milk - not winning any prizes for healthiness, that's for sure!
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