galumph79 (galumph79) wrote in climb_edmonton,

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Hey, how are you guys faring with the new routes from the competition? I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that all the routes I'm working on are blue :0) for some reason both 2 and 3 were really i finally got 2 with no problems, and figured out the trick for 3 (with a little help) I tried 10 and 12 just for fun - I can only do a couple of moves (ok one) on each but I love having a tough challenge like that to work on. I also tried the dynamo route (I didn't get a chance at the competition) and it's pretty fun (what I could do) I really think I need to add a third climbing day each week so that I can get stronger. I'm hoping to head to Vertically Inclined on is so busy right now, but climbing just clears my head so well!

Hope you guys are doing well :0)
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