Yay! Edmonton Climbers

I moved here about a year and a half ago from Ontario and was amazed to learn that there are only two climbing gyms here.

Before I moved I was told that everyone out west climbs and snowboards and loves the outdoors, and I move out here and I have yet to find a climbing partner, or even be friends with anyone who climbs. Most of the people I have met say, "you climb? cool." and have me explian a bit about climbing to them.

Anyway, I have been climbing since I was 10 (I'm 18 now) and I have a lot of experience outdoors, but I stopped climbing for about a year because I couldn't find anyone to climb with.

In Ontario I worked at a climbing gym, so I always climbed for free with the staff, and I climbed with my dad (who is also in Ontario).

I have recently started climbing at urban uprising and hopefully I will meet some fellow climbers. I am not climbing at the level that I used to be at, but hopefully it wont take long to get me there again.
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I've been checking into job posting at both climbing walls here in Edmonton, Urban Uprising, and Vertically Inclined. Urban Uprising will be accepting applications around the end of March. They are pretty laid back there so they really don't advertise that much.

Vertically Inclined is not hiring at the moment but are always accepting resumes I'm told which are to addressed to Jake. I myself will be applying again once I'm a little more on the ball.

Mountain Equipment Co-op (www.mec.ca) is now starting to bring in the Metolius hold packs if your building your own home gym. They have also in recent times have had a better selection of hang boards available; many more colors. Also just for note MEC now carries more climbing related magazines, even though most of them are american.

Climbing's 2004 Gear Guide came out in November I believe, expensive at $7.99CAN, and not necessarily worth it unless your looking for reviews on everything. Personally I only bought it for the shoes, crash pads, holds, and trainers.

Not much else to report other then a closure of Urban Uprising on Family Day, today.


Urban Uprisings new hours from July to August
Monday 5-10pm
Tuesday 5-10pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 5-10pm
Friday 5-10pm
Saturday 10-8pm
Sunday 12-6pm

They're still in the process of resurfacing one of their lead walls. Alot of new routes are up, as well as new rocks and holds, that are a little less worn.

Haven't been to Vertically Inclined for a while, so I'm not too sure on their hours right now, although I have noticed that its been terribly busy with children all the time making it sometimes really hard to do much without having to worry about hitting anyone.
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Help! Want to hang...

I got a hangboard for my birthday this year, and also as a housewarming gift. The problem is that I don't have any walls that I can affix it to due to my lease agreement. Has anyone seen any homemade or manufactured stands that don't take up too much room, but still can support alot of weight? I'm looking for it to hold about 300lbs.

The hangboard is supposed to be held on by 9 6inch wood screws, but since it was designed for being hung overtop of a doorway, I'm not sure how to incorporate all 9 screws into a feasable design which you can hang from, either in a kneeling position or standing. I know I need to use all 9 screws for the sake of stability and all, but I just can't figure out how.

As for materials I'm pretty open. I have access to carpenters, welders, etc. so that isn't such a big deal. Cost is a factor, as well as space.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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I started this community last week, because well lets face it, Edmonton doesn't have alot of places to climb. You have two choices, the University of Alberta wall, Urban Uprising and Vertically Inclined an independant wall. I find it somewhat frustrating to be in here in Edmonton with such limited choices of where to climb, especially if cost is a constraining factor.

Anyways, I'm not a great climber, pretty new to the sport, but I'm really dedicated to it, or at least I'm trying to be. I'm working towards building the stamina, technique and muscle structures required for lead climbing. I'm a recent convert from martial arts (7 years of it) to climbing, and I've been really active in sports all of my life. I'm a student at the University of Alberta, working towards medical school with a double major in Psychology and Political Sciences.

Well I just hope that this whole little thing doesn't go to waste, and it doesn't become filled with rantings about climbing that don't quite fit into my own personal journal.

I'm hoping this week to make a layout, and get all the little details of starting a community together. Comments and suggestions are always welcome on how to improve this community, as well of course are new members. If your already in the sport, or just wanting to learn a little bit about it. I'm by no means any sort of expert, but I would love to be able offer something to everyone through this community. So I guess I can't do anything more then to try, so wish me luck.

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